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You might all get tired of me rabbiting on about classic telly: but apropos the Blockbusters opening titles (

The big, shiny, building at the end with the little octagon on the top? That's what I thought the Central Television building used to be. And I thought that the corridors were like the ones as you zoom down towards the studio too. Maybe I thought the needed the big opening doors so that Bob Holness could arrive by helicopter or something - I mean, come on! He must have had one, after all, he presented the show.

I was always a bit disappointed by the Yorkshire Television building on Kirkstall Road as a result.

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Blockbusters techie FACTS:

The slightly-too-long static shot of the globe at the start of the titles is there because they filmed at 24fps for film rather than 25fps for TV, meaning they needed an extra second and a bit to make it fit the music. (Allegedly.)

The miniature of the corridor inside the titles building had removable ceiling tiles so they could fit the camera in for the long shot.

The original board was controlled using twenty slide projectors carefully aligned and controlled. If a slide was put in the wrong way round, particularly for the Gold Run, then either recording had to be stopped for an hour or (if they were lucky) the question writer would come up with a new question on the spot.

Also, lesser known early title sequence shocker!

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